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Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month

April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month. During this month, you can do your part in raising awareness of cruelty to dogs, cats and other animals and taking steps to prevent it in order to save lives.

Importance of Animal Cruelty Awareness

Bringing more awareness to animal cruelty is an important part of helping people understand how widespread this problem is and what they can do about it. While not all cases of animal cruelty are reported, statistics show that the majority of reported cases involve dogs. Cats, horses and livestock are also victims of abuse and neglect. Animal cruelty doesn’t just involve individual pets. Organized incidents, such as dogfighting, also put animals at risk of cruelty.

How to Prevent Animal Cruelty

You can help prevent animal cruelty through education and working toward getting anti-cruelty legislation passed and enforced in your area. For example, you might consider educating friends, neighbors or other people you know about proper pet care, such as discouraging the use of prong or choke collars to train dogs. Reporting cases of animal cruelty and encouraging others to do so can also go a long way toward preventing further abuse or neglect.

Report Cruelty or Neglect

If you see any cases of animal abuse or neglect in your area, make sure that you report it to the proper authorities. This might be local law enforcement, your local animal control agency, a humane organization or an animal shelter that is funded by local taxpayers. Find out which of these organizations looks into cases of animal cruelty and enforces laws and regulations against it. You can do this by contacting your local animal control agency or a local shelter for more information.

Help Local Rescue Organizations

Local rescue organizations often need help from volunteers or donors. You can help out by fostering a pet if possible, or you can help by donating your time or money to support these organizations. Keep in mind that some rescue groups also need help in the form of donations of pet supplies, such as blankets or toys.

Spread the Word Through Social Media

Social media offers a great way to raise awareness about animals in need. Use your social media accounts to post about efforts that are being made to assist animals who are at risk of cruelty or to help those that are in need.

Encourage Adoption First

If you know someone who is looking for a new pet, encourage them to consider adoption rather than purchasing a dog, cat or other animal. There are many pets in animal shelters and foster homes who need a good home.

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