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Pet House Sentiments Candles...The Perfect Gift for Pet Lovers

We all have pet-loving friends and family members. Finding the right gift for them can be a challenge. With four inspirational quotes in four beautiful fragrances, Pet House Sentiment Candles are the perfect gift for any pet parent. In addition to being a thoughtful gift, these scented candles make every pet-loving home smell great.

With four pet-inspired quotes in four premium fragrances, Pet House Sentiments express the feelings pet parents have for their pets. Our long-lasting Sentiments candles contain the same formula as our award-winning Pet House Candles, so they will keep pet-loving homes smelling fresh and clean. These pet-friendly candles are hand poured in the USA with 100% natural, dye-free soy wax and 100% cotton wicks.

Each Pet House Sentiments candle features a unique fragrance along with a pet-related quote:
Pet House products are available in over 1,000 retail stores, on-line and on Amazon.

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