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    Neutralize pet odors with
    our 100% soy wax candles

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    Why Our Products Are Different

    All of our products are specially made to neutralize pet odors…with the most effective and safest ingredients.
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      Eliminates odors - guaranteed
      100% Natural soy wax 
     Long lasting

    What Our Customers Are Saying...

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    495 reviews

    The candle smells great! I am very pleased and plan to buy more for Christmas gifts.

    Looks Great, Scent is Great, and Pet Friendly!

    Not much to add; our dog is groomed bi-weekly so can’t speak to the odor elimination. We also LOVE the paw shaped car air fresheners...those do help greatly since we regularly take dog to park and run (so really helps with sweat odors). We will be ordering again! Really appreciated that part of profit from this order went to help animals.

    I might suggest you invert your star rating system so 1 star is to the left and 5 stars is to the right...pretty standard for a Likert type scale.


    while I do LOVE them,I find the price high for the size.. NF

    Love it!

    I actually heard about you guys from "Gone to the snow dogs" Jessica was showing us a video the candles she order & spray. I love mine a lot! Would recommend to all my friends with pets. xo Thank you!

    Love all of them!

    The pumpkin one is the one we are using now, and it is the first one we have tried. This is so much better than Scentsy or candles. Our pups stay kenneled inside all day, and now our house smells way more homey and pleasant than usual. It smells just like pumpkin pie, and it is so effective that we can smell it throughout our house and not just the area it is sitting in. It is also not too strong to where it is unpleasant--it really is the perfect balance. I want to try more products from this company now!
    Really pleased with this product!!!

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