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We couldn’t imagine our lives without our pets


Our pets are members of our family. As pet parents we want our homes to feel fresh and clean. We love our pets but sometimes they make our homes and cars smell like…well, like pets.

We set out to develop a line of freshening products for pet parents just like us. Our goal was to create products that are effective, completely safe and decorative so we could be proud to display them in our homes and cars. After a year and a half of research and testing in homes with pets, One Fur All was born.

We are pet parents just like you. All of products are made with only best ingredients and are hand crafted in the USA to create the freshest environment for you and your pet-loving family.


David & Robert have a shared passion for animals

David Neuwirth

As a kid, it took David years to convince his mother to let him have a dog. The day he met Butch, a Siberian husky, remains one of his happiest days. Throughout his life, animals have fascinated David. There were chickens, horses and a raccoon -- a menagerie of  happy memories.

"For as long as I can remember, I've loved animals and had pets at home. They are the center of my life and their happiness makes my life better."

David’s passion for animals drives his business and personal pursuits. He owns Harlo’s Healthy Pets, a boutique pet food store specializing in organic and natural products. Over the years he also has contributed hundreds of volunteer hours to nonprofit rescue organizations, including fostering dogs in his home.

David and his wife, Katt, live in South Florida with their two Siberian huskies and one Chihuahua, all rescue animals. Katt is the owner of Kat Walking Dogs, a dog walking and pet sitting service. They met while volunteering for a rescue organization and their life revolves around dogs. When David and Katt are not walking dogs, pet sitting or finding the latest healthy pet food, they are probably on their way to a meet friends for a canine play date.


Robert Eichner

Robert begins every day by waking up with Fred and Fiona, his family’s two cats. Playing with them and caring for them in the morning brings a smile to his face 365 days a year.

Both cats were rescued as kittens and they are Robert’s first pets. A few years ago, Robert wondered why people would take time off from work to care for a pet. Fred and Fiona have changed his perspective.

"Now, I get it. I understand how much joy pets can bring to your life and why pet families are so attached to their animals."

Robert is a management consultant focused on strategic planning and executive coaching. He previously served as president of Onboard Media, a subsidiary of Louis Vuitton Moet Hennesy. He began his career as a Certified Public Accountant.

He lives in Asheville, N.C. with his wife, Lisa, and daughter, Abby.


We are avid proponents of animal rescue and adoption. 

Pet Rescue

We are avid proponents of animal adoption and have made it a part of our mission to help support non-profit, no-kill rescue groups across the United States. We are proud to help to highlight and support the efforts of rescue groups in all parts of the USA.

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