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Pet House Brand Story

Robert and David have been friends and pet lovers since middle school.  After high school, they went in some different directions.  Robert ended up working for champagne, luggage and high-end goods king Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton while David became a pet store owner. Robert moved to Asheville, North Carolina while David stayed close to the beach (and his family) in South Florida.  And in between all of that, across 20 years, they each got married. Robert had a daughter, and both owned lots of pets, turning their houses into…well…Pet Houses.

Then one day a few years ago, Robert wandered in to David’s pet supply store. They got to talking about a lot of things, and then the conversation turned to, of all things, candles. In particular, candles for pet owners. David carried a brand of pet candles in his store.  He soon found out his customers didn’t really like the run-of-the-mill-looking candles. In fact, the candles that “bragged” about destroying pet odors on their labels weren’t only unattractive but were kind of embarrassing to display.  

Plus, other candles were full of dyes and made with paraffin, a petroleum by-product that produces a lot of black smoke and soot.  And they didn’t smell great and even when they did, the great smell never lasted. Couldn’t we do better, they thought?

Well, they could and they did. 

That’s how, just nine years ago, these childhood friends created Pet House. Today, Pet House Candles are illuminating the homes of pet owners across the country. They are safe and healthy:  made with 100% natural plant-based wax and no dyes.  And because Pet House Candles look so good, they’re fit for the main dining room table instead of having to be kept out of sight. Today, Pet House candles have become an incredibly popular home accessory and gift item for pet-owners and non-pet owners alike.

The Founders

David Neuwirth

Robert Eichner



We are avid proponents of animal rescue and adoption. 

Pet Rescue

We are avid proponents of animal adoption and have made it a part of our mission to help support non-profit, no-kill rescue groups across the United States. We are proud to help to highlight and support the efforts of rescue groups in all parts of the USA.

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