• Pet House Candle Fundraising Opportunity for Rescues
  • David Neuwirth

Pet House Candle Fundraising Opportunity for Rescues

Pet House Candle Fundraising Opportunity for Rescues

One Fur All, creator of the Pet House Candle has an amazing program to help non-profit (501c3), no-kill rescues raise greatly-needed funds. As volunteers, adopters, and donors to numerous rescue groups, the One Fur All team are advocates of rescue organizations. As a result, we have created our Rescue Fundraiser Program.

One Fur All will donate to participating rescues 20% of the sales price of every Pet House Candle sold on during a specific time frame. Participating rescues will be issued a unique referral link to our site.  At the end of the fundraising period, One Fur All will send the rescue a check based on the total number of Pet House Candles sold on our site using the corresponding referral link.

All the Rescue has to do is promote the fundraiser to its volunteers, adopters, supporters and fans on social media outlets, e-mail campaigns, etc.

If you are involved with or know of a rescue that is looking to raise money, please contact One Fur All to sign up or to get more information. We are limited to the number of rescues that we can accommodate each month, so please contact One Fur All right away to get on the schedule.

  • David Neuwirth

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  • Sep 20, 2016

    Thanks for supporting rescues!

    — Suzy

  • Sep 20, 2016

    It’s awesome that One Fur All is involved with Rescues. I have 6 rescue cats and I will let all my friends and family to purchase your amazing candles. They will have a yummy smelling home and the will help a rescue.

    — Lara

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