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5 Ways You Can Help Save Pets

If you’re an animal lover, there’s no better feeling than being able to help save the lives of pets in need. From pet adoption to social media posts, there are a number of ways to help animal rescue organizations and support their mission to find good homes for dogs and cats.

Adopt Pets

If you’re willing and able to adopt pets, this is one of the best ways to save lives. Rather than buying pets at a pet store or from a breeder, you’re providing animals in need with a good home when you adopt. Visit your local shelter or get in touch with local rescue groups to find out about adoptable pets in your area.

Foster Pets

Fostering pets is another great way to help save lives. It’s also a good alternative if you’re unable to adopt pets. Non-profit rescue organizations typically rely on volunteers to foster pets who are waiting to be adopted. When you agree to foster dogs or cats taken in by these organizations, you’re doing more than providing a place for these animals to stay temporarily. Fostering is a crucial part of gathering important information about pets, such as their temperament and personality or whether they're good with kids and other pets. This information can help ensure that adoptable pets find suitable homes.

Volunteer Your Time and Skills

If you’re able to donate time to helping animal shelters and non-profit rescue organizations, most depend on volunteers to handle a variety of responsibilities. These range from assisting with running the organization to cleaning kennels and participating in fundraisers. Depending on your skills and the amount of time you’re able to spend helping out, you should be able to find plenty of opportunities to volunteer at local animals shelters and rescue organizations.

Donate Money or Supplies

Most animal rescue organizations depend on financial contributions from supporters to cover the costs of saving pets in need. These costs include veterinary bills for spaying and neutering, medical care, immunizations and checkups, which can add up quickly. Keep in mind that most of these groups are 501(c)3 organizations, which means that you can deduct your donations on your taxes. If you are unable to donate money, check with local animal rescue organizations to see if they are in need of pet supplies, such as blankets, food, treats and toys. If you have extra supplies available, you can donate these items.

Spread the Word

Getting the word out about pets in need is also an important part of saving lives. You can help raise awareness about adoptable pets and upcoming animal rescue fundraisers through social media.

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  • JE on Jan 05, 2017

    We adopted a rescue dog a couple of years ago and it was the best decision we could have made. He is the most loyal and loving little guy.

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