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The Problem with Puppy Mills and How to Avoid Them

When you decide to get a puppy, one of the next decisions you’ll need to make is where to get your new pet from. While it’s easy to find puppies for sale in pet stores and online, puppies sold through these places typically come from puppy mills. These are dog breeding facilities that emphasize quantity over quality and only regard puppies as a way of making a profit. Knowing more about puppy mills and how to stay away from them is important when you’re deciding where to get your new pet from. 

Conditions at Puppy Mills

Puppy mills generally have a large number of dogs housed in conditions that are highly unhealthy and unsanitary. Dogs in these facilities are usually crowded together, and females are bred as often as possible. This means that they’re typically forced to breed without being given enough time in between litters to recover. Dogs in these facilities also receive minimal care, if any, for health problems. These conditions result in dogs and puppies with a wide range of health issues, including hereditary conditions, heart problems and parasitic infections. They are also at a high risk of suffering from leg or paw injuries from kept in wire cages. Puppies that are born in puppy mills are also prone to behavioral issues, such as anxiety and fear, from being taken away from their mothers too soon. 

Avoiding Puppy Mills

The safest way to avoid getting a puppy from a puppy mill is by refusing to purchase a one at all. There are other options available for getting a new puppy that don’t involve the risk of purchasing one from a puppy mill. You can adopt a puppy from a shelter or rescue group rather than buying one. There are plenty of puppies of all ages and breeds in animal shelters and rescue groups who need good homes. 

If you’re set on buying a puppy rather than adopting or rescuing one, it’s important to find a reputable breeder. Avoid pet stores and online stores or ads that have puppies for sale. When you look for a reputable breeder, keep in mind that these breeders care more about their puppies than making a profit. Reputable breeders will want to meet with you to make sure that their puppy is going to a suitable home, and they should be willing to let you meet your new puppy’s parents so you can make sure they’re in good health. Puppies from these breeders should also be free of serious health issues.

Whether you decide to adopt a puppy or purchase one from a reputable breeder, don’t rush into getting your new pet. Take time to make sure you find the ideal puppy to join your family.

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  • Jean mcilwaine on Aug 02, 2018

    My family get their dogs from Dogs Trust.though the last one was bought from a farmer.we always try and get dogs from Dog Trust as we know they are well looked after and are only there for a reason like the owner passed or is in a home and couldnt take their much loved pet with them.

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