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Plan for Your Pet's Care Before Returning to Work or Traveling

The pandemic has caused many people to work from home or avoid traveling during the past year. For some people, this was the perfect time to adopt a pet for companionship. With more people getting vaccinated, restrictions on travel are being lifted in some areas. Some companies are also having employees come back to the office for at least part of the work week. If you’re among those who adopted a pet during the pandemic, it’s time to think about pet care if you’re going back to the office or planning to travel. Keep the following in mind to ensure that your pet is well cared for if you’ll be away from home.

Consider Hiring a Dog Walker or Pet Sitter

If you can’t come home during the day to walk your dog, consider hiring a dog walker. Dog walkers can make sure your dog is able to go out when needed while also getting some attention when you’re not home.

If you’ll be traveling and can't take your pet with you, hiring a pet sitter can provide you with peace of mind. Pet sitters can come to your home a few times a day as needed or stay overnight to care for your pet while you’re away.

Whether you hire a dog walker or pet sitter, make sure they’re licensed, bonded and insured. You’ll be trusting this individual to keep your pet safe while you’re gone, and you’ll need to feel comfortable giving them access to your home. Check online reviews and get personal recommendations from family and friends in order to find a reliable pet sitter or dog walker.

Look Into Doggie Daycare or Boarding Options

If you’ll be working long hours, you might want to explore doggie daycare options. Daycare facilities give dogs a place to stay while their owners aren’t at home while also providing a chance to play with other dogs. You can drop your dog off for a few hours, or plan to have them spend the whole work day at a doggie daycare.

If you’ll be traveling, a dog boarding facility might be a good option if you would rather not have a pet sitter come to your home. Keep in mind that some boarding facilities mainly give dogs a place to stay and just a couple of walks during the day. Other facilities offer playtime with other dogs, grooming services, training, and other services.

Whether you use boarding or daycare, visit beforehand to see what the facility is like, make sure it’s clean, and meet the staff who will be caring for your dog. You’ll also need to meet their requirements, such as having your dog up-to-date on all vaccinations.

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