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5 Important Benefits of Walking Your Dog

Letting dogs out in the yard or going for short walks to the corner and back gives them a chance to do their business, but they need more exercise than this on a daily basis. Taking dogs for longer walks each day provides some important benefits that help keep them happy and healthy.

Regular Physical Activity

Short walks or brief time in the yard a few times a day doesn’t give dogs a chance to be as physically active as they should be. With obesity being a growing problem in dogs, it’s important to make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise. Longer daily walks provide dogs with the opportunity to get regular physical activity, which helps prevent weight gain when combined with a proper diet. These walks also help keep their joints and muscles strong and flexible, reducing the risk of arthritis and other health problems as they get older. 

Mental Stimulation

Longer daily walks also provide mental stimulation, especially if you change the route you take. Dogs can see new sights and surroundings during these walks. Keep in mind that dogs also explore through their nose, so long walks give them a chance to do a lot of sniffing. Mental stimulation is an important part of preventing boredom in dogs, which lowers the risk of having them exhibit destructive behavior at home, such as chewing on the wrong objects.

Bonding Time

Spending time with your dog is a crucial part of having a pet. Taking your dog for long walks every day offers opportunities for the two of you to bond. You and your dog get to spend more time together each day, which helps create a strong and happy relationship. Your dog is also likely to be more well-behaved and listen to you better when you form a good bond.

Training Opportunities

Taking your dog for long walks gives you a chance to work on training, such as staying calm on a leash rather than pulling. Your dog will have a harder time learning this behavior on short walks to the corner, but longer walks provide plenty of opportunities to do so.


Daily walks with your dog gives him / her an opportunity to meet people and / or other dogs in your neighborhood.  Daily walks provide opportunities for your dog to socialize with others.  You can monitor your dog's behavior to ensure appropriate behavior for interacting with others.

If you can’t take your dog for longer walks every day, consider hiring a professional dog walker. This helps ensure that your dog is able to go for long walks on a regular basis, even on days when you can’t be there.

Comments (2)

  • Paul Langley on Jan 20, 2021

    It’s great that you mentioned dog walking. I have 2 dogs and they really need to be active more. I’ll definitely go to start taking my dogs out to walking.

  • Rosie Beckett on Sep 09, 2017

    I love that walking your dog leads to more training opportunities. It helps the dog to learn to walk by your side, and you can train them the importance of staying near you even if they get excited by something while out on the walk. It is never fun when you can’t take a dog on a walk because they are too hyper to stay by your side. You may end up not taking them on walks if that is the case, and then your dog will never enjoy the fun of being able to go on walks with you.

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