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New Pet House Room Freshening Sprays

All pet families would agree: we love our pets, but sometimes the odors that come with them isn't always pleasant.  Whether it’s that wet dog smell or that not-so-pleasant scent coming from the litter box; there’s no denying that living with a pet adds unwanted odors within the home. Best known for their made in the USA, 100% natural soy Pet House Candles, One Fur All is on a mission to make pet odors a problem of the past.  

Air fresheners are a great way to fight lingering pet odors. Unfortunately, most sprays are little more than scented water. So while your house may smell fresher, the effects are simply a short-term solution that ignores the underlying problem. It’s important to fight odor at the source, and Pet House Room Freshening Room Spray does just that! While other products work by just covering up smells, Pet House Freshening Room Sprays contain an effective odor neutralizer.

Instantly Neutralize Pet Odors

Specially formulated for animal lovers, this room freshener doesn’t just mask odors - it eliminates them! It’s an effective first line of defense against wet dogs, litter boxes and hamster cages.

Fresh Fragrance

Pet House Room Sprays leave your home with a pleasantly clean aroma. Fast-acting but never overwhelming, One Fur All uses the subtle power of essential oils in their fragrance blend to offer pet owners four top-selling fragrances: Lavender Green Tea, Fresh Citrus, Sunwashed Cotton, Mango Peach.
Safe Formula

From pets to children and anyone in between, you can rest assured knowing the Pet House Room Spray is completely safe and non-toxic.

Trusted Quality

Proudly made in the USA without dyes or artificial preservatives, Pet House Room Freshening Sprays are the clean, safe path to pet odor removal. Plus, thanks to their highly concentrated formula, just 2-3 sprays are all you need for instant, effective and long-lasting results.

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    • Sarah ocallaghan on Apr 19, 2019

      Do you guys not ship to Canada????😭

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