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6 Ways to Observe National Pet Memorial Day

National Pet Memorial Day is the second Sunday of September. This day provides an opportunity to celebrate the memory of pets who have been part of your life. The following ideas can help you pay tribute to your pets that have crossed the rainbow bridge.

Volunteer with a Rescue Group

Considering honoring the memory of your pets by spending time with pets in need. Look into volunteer opportunities with local rescue groups and animal shelters, such as walking or socializing dogs or helping out with cats who are waiting to be adopted. Your help could end up making it easier for these pets to find good homes. 

Make a Donation

Another way to celebrate National Pet Memorial Day is by making a donation in your pet’s name. Look for an animal charity or nonprofit organization that helps pets in need, such as those looking for a good home. Your funds help these groups care for these animals and make every effort to find loving homes for them.

Adopt or Foster

If you have the ability to care for a new pet, consider adopting or rescuing a cat or dog from a local animal shelter or rescue group. While these pets can’t replace the ones you’ve lost, they can provide you with companionship and form their own special place in your heart.  Saving the life of another pet is a great way to honor a pet that has passed away.

Plant a Tree or Flowers

If you have a yard or garden, planting a tree or flowers in your pet’s memory is a beautiful way to pay tribute to them. You can also get an engraved plaque with your pet’s name and a special quote on it and place it near the newly planted tree or flowers.

Go Through Memories

National Pet Memorial Day is a good time to think about all of the happiness your pets brought you. Whether you look through old pictures or talk about fond memories of your pets, this is another great way to celebrate their lives. You can also create a collage of old pet photos to have around throughout the year, or choose a few of your favorite photos to place in frames around your home. 

Light Candles

Lighting a pet memorial candle is another way to pay tribute to pets who are gone. You can also light this candle again on your pets’ birthdays or on the day that they passed away to honor their memory.

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