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How to Keep Pets Safe in Cars

Car rides should be a fun experience for dogs, whether you’re just driving around town or heading to the local dog park. However, car rides can become dangerous when they’re allowed to roam around loose inside your car. The following tips can help keep you and your pets safe in the car.

Potential Car Hazards

Letting pets sit on your lap can end up being a distraction while you’re trying to focus on the road. Pets in the front seat of your car in general can increase the risk of getting into an accident, especially if they tend to move around. They might block your view, which can be dangerous, even if it only happens for a second or two. Your pets might accidentally bump into your arm while you’re trying to steer as well. Keep in mind that your pets could also be seriously hurt if you need to slam on the brakes suddenly or if an airbag deploys while they’re in the front seat.

When you have pets loose in your car with the windows open, this creates another hazard. If the windows are down low enough, your pets might jump out of your car. This can cause serious injuries to your pets if your car is moving. If you’re parked or stopped, your pets could run off and get lost. Your pets can also be hurt if they ride with their head out the window, since debris can fly around and hit them.

Ways to Keep Pets Safe and Secure in Cars

Dog Harness Seatbelts

These dog harnesses are designed to be clipped to seatbelts, which helps keep pets secure in cars. With this seatbelt harness on, your pets won’t be able to move around your car or climb into the front seat. Make sure you adjust the seatbelt harness, so that your dog is comfortable yet secure.


A carrier might be a better option if you have dogs who tend to chew, since they can gnaw their way through a seatbelt harness. A pet carrier provides a convenient and safe way to get dogs and cats to and from cars while also keeping them in one spot during car rides. Just make sure you choose the right size. Your pets should have enough room to turn around in their carrier.

Tips for Getting Pets In and Out of Cars

If you’re not using a carrier, keep your dog on a leash when going to and from your car. Having them on a leash helps prevent them from running off. You can take the leash off once they’re secured, but put it back on before letting your pet out of the car. For older pets, pick them up to get them in and out of the car if possible, in order to lower their risk of injuries.

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