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Winter Car Air Freshener Pack

Fragrance Description

The winter car freshener pack includes four car fresheners:  two Evergreen Forest Car Fresheners and two Holidays Fur All Car Fresheners.

$ 10.99 $ 11.99

Winter Car Air Freshener Pack

$ 10.99 $ 11.99
Neutralizes Pet Odor
Made in USA
Satisfaction guaranteed
Specially formulated to freshen pet-loving cars
Ideal for smaller spaces
Made with an odor neutralizer

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Brian Antosh
Excellent products

Love the car scents - they really fill the void and last!

Donna Mitchell

Winter Car Air Freshener Pack

M. Parker
Awesome products

I love the One Fur All wax melts in so many different scents including Holidays Fur All and was super excited to see the car air fresheners as well! Great products and great scents

Kim Severa
Great air freshner!

They are fun to give to folks with dogs or cats. My friends lived them. Thx!

So Nice

I took a long car trip with my large dog and had one 'holidays fur all' car freshener about 1/4 inch out of its plastic sleeve. Two days later my mother rode in the vehicle and remarked that it "didn't smell much like dog" - it doesn't sound like it, but that's a HUGE endorsement since her sense of smell is extremely acute. Oh, and both scents smell great too.