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Pina Colada Mini Candle

Fragrance Description

Pina Colada takes you on an island getaway. Enjoy your own tropical paradise with smell of sweet pineapple, coconut milk, refreshing yuzu, chilled rum and creamy vanilla.

Size: 1.5 oz

$ 3.79

Pina Colada Mini Candle

$ 3.79
Specially formulated to freshen pet-loving homes
100% natural plant-based wax
Tested & proven to eliminate 99% of pet odors
100% cotton wick
Contains no paraffin / petroleum by-products
Premium, non-toxic fragrances
Paraben, phthalate and dye-free
Reusable jar
Hand-poured in the USA
Up to 12 hrs of burn time
Satisfaction guaranteed

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Great scent. Got the pina colada car air freshener too & love them both. Not overwhelming just a nice subtle smell.

Michele Lemieux
Smells great!

Can’t wait to burn it!

judith lawrence
Pina colada review

Wish it had a little stronger scent however it did have a pleasant aroma.

Krystal Courtney
Awesome candles

I discovered your products at my local pet store and I love them!!!! I was a Yankee candle & Bath & Body works candle girl but your candles rock!!!! I like that they are soy!!! I am a customer for life

Sara Kaiser
Too small to tell

I was really excited to try these and was referred by a friend of mine and even told my sister to get some too. I think the mini candle I got was just too small to get a strong scent. I couldn't smell anything, only when I stood right by it. Is there a scent that is fairly stronger than the others?

Thank you for your feedback. Mini candles are ideal for smaller spaces. Full-size candles can cover a much larger. Some fragrances are naturally stronger than others.