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One Fur All

Lavender Green Tea Candle

$ 21.95

One Fur All

Lavender Green Tea Candle

$ 21.95

Fragrance Description

Lavender Green Tea has a soothing and calming aroma of French lavender, green tea and white lily livened with crisp citrus, melon and warming sage.

Size: 8.5 oz

Specially formulated to freshen pet-loving homes

Made with an odor neutralizer

100% natural soy wax

Infused with our signature blend of essential oils

100% cotton wick


Dye-free wax

Contains no paraffin / petroleum by-products

Approximately 60-70 hours burn time

Made in the USA

Reusable jar

Satisfaction guaranteed

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Oh What A Beautiful Day!

I purchased this candle recently and I will become a loyal follower! This candle is highly fragranced and it burns evenly. We have Shelties that are very energetic, so I burn this when it's time to settle in for the evening. It works! Thanks for making such an awesome product and affordable to boot!

Best Scent Ever?

I enjoy the smell of lavender and thought it may help calm down the pups a little too, but I didn't expect the Lavender Green Tea to smell this nice! It's crisp, clean lavender, and not overwhelming. Absolutely love it. All the little mini's I bought (all different scents) smell amazing as well. And thank you for supporting Pawsitive Souls in the process!

House smells wonderful!

I love these candles. I have 3 small, elderly dogs in the house who potty and the house smells. These candles make my house smell wonderful.

The candles smell awesome!

I love all of your products, from mini candles to car fresheners. They all smell good!!! One thing to note though, one of the candle jar was cracked upon arrival but it's still usable.

Thank you for your review. Sorry to hear that one of your candles was cracked, but we'd be happy to replace it for you.
Love This Candle!

I am very pleased with the Lavender and Green Tea candle! This scent is one of my new favorites. Having three dogs my house can get a little smelly at times, but this candle does a great job eliminating the odor. This is a must have for every pet home! Awesome product!



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