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Mini Candle Sampler

Fragrance Description

For a limited time only! Save when you purchase one of each of our ten mini candle fragrances: Lavender Green Tea, Fresh Citrus, Sunwashed Cotton, Lilac Garden, Evergreen Forest, Bamboo Watermint, Moonlight, Mango Peach, Pumpkin Spice, and Vanilla Creme Brulee.

Size: 1.5 oz (each)

$ 29.99 $ 39.90

Mini Candle Sampler

$ 29.99 $ 39.90
Specially formulated to freshen pet-loving homes
100% natural plant-based wax
Tested & proven to eliminate 99% of pet odors
100% cotton wick
Contains no paraffin / petroleum by-products
Premium, non-toxic fragrances
Paraben, phthalate and dye-free
Reusable jar
Hand-poured in the USA
Up to 12 hrs of burn time
Satisfaction guaranteed

Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Douglas Dahl

Absolutely amazing candles. The most beautifully fragranced candles that burn slow and even. Quality product !! Highly recommend !!

Shyam Nunley
The only tea lights I use.

I can never decide which scent I love most so I grab a sampler once or twice a year. The best for cooking or pet smells.


Awesome candles!!!
Will be purchasing some of the large glass candles soon!


Two dogs! These work! Fragrance not overbearing. But you don’t need a dog to put these candles to work!

Janet Lovely
Great candles

Great candles. As the owner of two dogs, sometimes the house just smells too “doggy”, these candles are the perfect solution. You can burn them for a short or long time with great results. Fresh citrus is my current favorite but I haven’t found a scent I don’t like. I enjoy both sizes of candles and the air freshener in my car.