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Mango Peach Car Air Freshener

Fragrance Description

Mango Peach is a tropical fruity fragrance combining mango, and peach and melon with a subtle hint of tangerine and jasmine.

$ 2.99
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Paw print iconNeutralizes Pet Odor
Paw print iconMade in USA
Paw print iconSatisfaction guaranteed
Paw print iconSpecially formulated to freshen pet-loving cars
Paw print iconIdeal for smaller spaces
Paw print iconMade with an odor neutralizer

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Just no

I was so excited but now I’m not. The smell did not last. Will not be ordering again.

Katherine Tate
My new favorite

I love this air freshner. I'm very sensitive to artificial scents, but this one does not bother me. It's strong, but in a good way. I will def be back for more of them

Satisfied Customer
Fantastic Scent

Mango Peach is my favorite scent of all of them. I use the little auto air fresheners to add scent to some of my closets and in my car. They work great and the scent is wonderful.

Ellen E Kardy
Mango Peach Car Air Freshener

These are amazing. Smell great and last for 3 or 4 months. I use one in the cupboard where we keep the trash can where my mom's used adult underwear goes for a few hours. And let me tell you, that cupboard was well nigh unbearable until I discovered these little gems! It killed the funk way, way better than those air freshener beads in a jar, or sprays. Also works great in the bathroom where the cat box stays.

Veronica Chircop
Smells so good!

A saving grace! I have a pack of large breed working dogs who shed, which means lots of "dog smell"... not bad but I was trying to find something other than dog smell for my car. Mango peach is a great substitute, haha! Smells great, lasts long, and definitely helps keep the smell down, with all the dog stuff in my car (and dogs!). Thanks OFA for making a great product!