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One Fur All

Hot Cocoa Candle

$ 21.99

One Fur All

Hot Cocoa Candle

$ 21.99

Fragrance Description

Hot Cocoa is a delightful winter fragrance featuring a delectable blend of chocolate morsels, cocoa and vanilla with a hint of mint and whipped cream. 

    Size: 9 oz

    Specially formulated to freshen pet-loving homes

    Tested & proven to eliminate 99% of pet odors

    Contains no paraffin / petroleum by-products

    Premium, non-toxic fragrances

    Reusable jar

    Up to 60 hrs of burn time

    100% natural soy wax

    100% cotton wick


    Paraben, phthalate and dye-free

    Hand-poured in the USA

    Satisfaction guaranteed

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Kathy Kreicker
    Love this!

    Great scent. I ordered another for a Christmas gift for a young family. I highly recommend.

    Holly Ann
    Kinda shocked, for a few reasons.

    So, I have tried pet odor candles before and they kind of worked, but also kind of mingled with the odor and made it smell kind of sweet and absolutely awful.. it is hard to describe, maybe someone will get it.
    I was incredibly surprised to smell that these onefurrall candles actually cover the scent 100%. It is mind boggling, it is just gone and it covers our entire apartment. I got several and this hot cocoa one is so far my favorite, it kind of reminds me of baking brownies, either way.. cannot complain.

    I will say that my candles burned way faster than they should have and I follow all the rules to keep my candles in good shape and lasting long, overall both mt big candles from here completely bottomed out around 15 hours. I was fairly disappointed by this, because these candles are not cheap. I did pass this information along to customer service and they were incredibly grateful in their interaction, which is super rare and solidified my good experience with this brand.

    I will definitely be buying these candles again, as I can afford them.. because, bottom line, they work.
    I do hope some kind of reformulation happens so that these burn longer and a bit cleaner in the future.

    New Favorite Candle

    We bought this candle as part of a larger purchase to try out some of the different scents and ended up immediately ordering two more before we even burned through the first one. It is not overwhelming and the cocoa scent mixed with some light mint is perfect.

    Tara Giblin-Cowley
    Hot Cocoa

    Oh this candle hits the spot !!!! I just love it.

    Baylee Patten
    Amazing Candles

    Every candle I’ve purchased from this company smells amazing!! The Hot Cocoa candle is no exception! I bought three for my mom, she loves them.



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