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Cucumber Mint Wax Melt

Fragrance Description

Cucumber Mint is a refreshing spa-like blend of crisp cucumber and freshly-picked mint.

Size: 3 oz

$ 7.49

Cucumber Mint Wax Melt

$ 7.49
Specially formulated to freshen pet-loving homes
Contains no paraffin / petroleum by-products
Made with an odor neutralizer
Made in the USA
100% natural plant-based wax
Adorable paw shape makes a perfect gift for pet families
Satisfaction guaranteed
Dye-free wax
Great for both wax melts/tarts and candles

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Deborah Marron
Wonderful smell of mint and cucumber

The cucumber mint makes you feel like you’re in a spa

Just WOW!

I was Google searching for pet friendly candles and wax melts since I recently got 2 kittens and wanted to be safe! I came across this company "One Fur All" and was just amazed at all the scent options they had! The cucumber mint by far is my favorite out of all the 8 scents I bought! I was floored away by how scented they were after being in the wax melter for just 10 minutes. It filled my whole apartment! I will definitely be looking forwards to more scents!


Cucumber Mint smells amazing! It's a light sweet scent perfect for summer. It's not strong at all.

Olive’s Mum
Beyond in Love with All of the Wax Melts!!!

I am new to the Pet House brand and can honestly say that I am hooked. I got a variety of wax melts and a candle which I only just lit for the first time this morning and absolutely love that as well. Although I love them all, the Cumber Mint is my absolute favorite. Refreshing and clean, it had my house smelling amazing for a dinner guest who commented on how wonderful the house smelled. Thank you for such an amazing product! We will be ordering more, for sure!!!

Cucumber Mint Wax melt

The scent is really pleasant and our dogs don’t sneeze a lot anymore upon switching to this wax melt.