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Sunwashed Cotton Mini Candle

Fragrance Description

Sunwashed Cotton combines classic, crisp, clean laundry fragrance with modern fruity scents. Enjoy smells of freshly laundered linens hung to air dry on a clear, sunny day.

    Size: 1.5 oz

    $ 3.99
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    Paw print iconSpecially formulated to freshen pet-loving homes
    Paw print icon100% natural plant-based wax
    Paw print iconTested & proven to eliminate 99% of pet odors
    Paw print icon100% cotton wick
    Paw print iconContains no paraffin / petroleum by-products
    Paw print iconCruelty-free
    Paw print iconPremium, non-toxic fragrances
    Paw print iconParaben, phthalate and dye-free
    Paw print iconReusable jar
    Paw print iconHand-poured in the USA
    Paw print iconUp to 12 hrs of burn time
    Paw print iconSatisfaction guaranteed

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Excellent product and service

    I’m not sure where/how I heard about this company’s candles but after checking out the reviews I decided to try one. I have two dogs and my living room, including couch, have that chronic dirty-doggy musty odor. I’ve tried the spray fresheners and plug-ins that “get odors out of fabrics” but they don’t work well. They just hide the odor temporarily with what feels like perfumed chemicals in my nose and lungs. I also don’t like flowery/sweet odors so I picked Vanilla Sandalwood as a trial. When I first removed the top, it was strong and I thought “Uh oh, it’s going to be too sweet.” However, when it burned it was subtle and soft. And it DID remove the pet odor’s! I don’t know how it works, but it does. I used it for about 2-3 days and then, as an experiment, stopped to see how long the effect would last. It lasted for almost a week and when a hint of dog odor returned, I lit one and the odor was gone quickly, and again lasted for many days. It doesn’t smell like a cover up and it makes the house smell pleasant in a gentle way. I then ordered several others that didn’t sound sweet or flowery – the Sunwashed Cotton, Vanilla Crème Brulee and Lavender Vanilla. The Lavender was a little sweeter than the others but not overwhelming. The Sunwashed Cotton has almost no odor, so it’s a good choice for those who avoid perfumes/odors. Overall, I love these candles and use them in the house even where there are no odors because I find them soothing. About the company’s service – my 2nd order hadn’t arrived 2 weeks after I was notified it had shipped so I emailed the company and received a personal telephone call back within 1 hour. The wonderful woman there told me she had contacted UPS just as soon as she got my email and put a tracer on it. It showed up on my doorstep 2 hours later. (It apparently had been sitting in my local warehouse, forgotten). It's a "mom-and-pop" (should say pop-and-pop) business and the service couldn’t have been better! I give this 5 stars – for both a wonderful product and outstanding service. The candles are a bit on the expensive side but I feel they are well worth it They are also eco friendly and made in the USA, both of which are important to me. I’m going to stick with this company and their products.

    Dona Haske
    Sunwashed Cotton Mini

    I only got two to see how I would like them. The smell is great and I don't have to light it as I have it in my very tiny bathroom. I gave the other to a friend and she thinks the smell is spot on. Very happy customer.


    These candles were recommended to me by a friend and they are incredible. I am a bath and body works lover but these definitely top it. I have the sun washed cotton and wildflower scents. Will definitely be purchasing more!

    C. Farmer
    Smells Great!

    This is such s great fresh scent! Perfect little size to try out all of the wonderful scents!

    Donna Hachey
    Love Them

    Absolutly love both scents that I have tried so far, Will recomend them to all my friends !!!