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Holidays Fur All Candle

Fragrance Description

Holidays Fur All combines classic fragrances of the Holiday Season. There's nothing more memorable than spending time with family (both furry and non-furry) and friends by the fire place while enjoying traditional holiday favorite scents including fir needles, cinnamon, clove and nutmeg.

    Size: 9 oz

    $ 23.99

    Holidays Fur All Candle

    $ 23.99
    Paraben, phthalate and dye-free
    100% natural plant-based wax
    Satisfaction guaranteed
    Specially formulated to freshen pet-loving homes
    Tested & proven to eliminate 99% of pet odors
    100% cotton wick
    Contains no paraffin / petroleum by-products
    Premium, non-toxic fragrances
    Reusable jar
    Hand-poured in the USA
    Up to 60 hrs of burn time

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 48 reviews
    Long lasting scent and great deodorizer! *to add to prior review*

    I have zero idea how a candle could ever possibly arrive broken with the outrageous tight air bubbled cocoon these candles come wrapped in. Thick glass jar. Wood lid. Great packing box. This is quality shipping! Pankey Can-drools arrives broken more often as they use pressed cardboard packaging on a thin glass jar. Their shippers tend to throw stuff into the boxes in such a way I am shocked the candles arrive in the shape that they do! If this company had shipping or packing issues in the past, One Fur All has certainly remedied all these problems far beyond other companies! I want to meet the company's owners as they are obviously conscientious and highly moral in their business dealings. It is great to see great people with great products find unanimous success. Thank you for being a great company!

    donna smith
    Love one fur all!

    One of the best

    Tammy M
    Holidays Fur All candle

    Second year of ordering this candle, among others. Love the holiday smells :)

    keri zentko

    Unfortunately I have not had a chance to burn them since I have another candle going right now but from what I can tell just by smelling them they smell wonderful. They will be next ones to burn since I love burning candles during the winter when you can't open up your windows and let the fresh air come in,

    Also I have a question and I already called you on this but when I bought my first batch of candle I was asked what free one did I want and I thought I made a choice but yet it never made it to my box so I called about it and I got an email regarding the free one but it said that was after I would have to make a minimum $25.00 purchase and the was no other way to get it after my initial purchase so just wondering if there is a code I could use instead or what? Hopefully this clears things up because I maybe my phone message wasn't clear enough.

    Thanks Keri

    Leslie Wilson
    Christmas Presents

    Bought 5 candles. Kept 1 for myself that I love and give the other 4 for Christmas presents. Everyone loved them.