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Evergreen Forest Candle

Fragrance Description

Evergreen Forest is a walk in the woods among coniferous pines, crushed leaves, redwoods and sweet balsam.

    Size: 9 oz

    $ 22.99

    Evergreen Forest Candle

    $ 22.99
    Paraben, phthalate and dye-free
    100% natural soy wax
    Satisfaction guaranteed
    Specially formulated to freshen pet-loving homes
    Tested & proven to eliminate 99% of pet odors
    100% cotton wick
    Contains no paraffin / petroleum by-products
    Premium, non-toxic fragrances
    Reusable jar
    Hand-poured in the USA
    Up to 60 hrs of burn time

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 78 reviews
    Carol Weber
    Great as always

    These are the best candles ever. Burn well. No black smoke. Best scents ever. Great service. Orders come quickly. Try them. They are the best.

    Amanda Chmiel
    Great Candles!

    Smell great, eliminate odor. I don't buy candles from anywhere else anymore.

    Barbara M
    Nice scent

    I love these candles. They give off a nice scent, not overpowering, and burn slowly.

    Anne Edwards
    Evergreen forest

    Best evergreen scent I've found. And it burns so completely! Love these.

    Sharon Davis
    This are Awesome Products!!

    We have 2 Senior cats 12 and 14 years old, we live in a medium Townhouse. The Pet candle we got was 'Fresh Citrus' and we love it! The special sauce, is even when the candle in not still get fragrance. This is our go to Pet Candles and their other products, too. Truly Awesome Products that delivers on so many levels. Thank you. 🙏 🙏