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Popular Pet Products That Could Be Dangerous

Making sure that your pets are safe is among the most important parts of caring for them. You might not realize that some pet products could be dangerous for your pets, especially under certain circumstances. Find out more about which products you should either avoid or be cautious about using.

Flexi Leashes

Flexible or retractable leashes provide convenience when you walk your dogs, since you can adjust the length as needed. However, these leashes can be dangerous to use in some situations. A flexi leash can become tangled around your dog’s legs or even cause injuries to your dog’s neck if you have to suddenly and quickly retract it, such as if your dog is running toward a busy street.

Plastic Food and Water Bowls and Dishes

Plastic bowls and dishes for pets can easily become scratched with use. This allows bacteria to build up on these items, which can make your pets sick. Some plastic bowls and dishes might also contain questionable chemicals, such as bisphenol A, that you might want to avoid exposing your pets to. Choose stainless steel pet bowls and dishes instead, which are more durable and generally safer.

Rawhide Bones

Rawhide is a common treat given to dogs, since it gives them an opportunity to do plenty of chewing. However, rawhide is hazardous for pets for a few reasons. It can turn into a choking hazard when it breaks into large chunks, and some dogs have a hard time digesting it when they do swallow it. There are also concerns about the ingredients that are found in rawhide.

Bully Sticks and Chews

Bully sticks and chews also provide dogs with something to chew on. Although they are safe compared to rawhide, it’s still important to supervise dogs when you give them any type of chew treats. Dogs can choke on chews or bully sticks if they bite off larger chunks.

Training Collars

Certain types of collars, such as prong or choke collars, can be dangerous when they’re left on after training. These types of collars are designed for training purposes only and should not be used as a primary collar for your dog's tags.  Dogs can end up being injured if these collars are still on when they’re running around or playing with other dogs. Always remove these collars and replace them with regular ones if you use them for training.


Pet toys that have squeakers or stuffing inside them should only be given to pets when they’re supervised. Squeakers can be a choking hazard, while stuffing can cause intestinal blockages if it’s swallowed. If your pets tend to play rough, make sure you’re watching them when you give them these types of toys.

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