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Celebrate National Mutt Day

National Mutt Day, July 31st and December 2nd, celebrates mixed breed dogs by raising awareness of them and encouraging people to consider adopting one. Mutts tend to be overlooked compared to purebred dogs due to a few common misconceptions about them. Find out more about mixed breed dogs, including the benefits of adopting them. 

What Are Mutts?

The term “mutt” refers to any dog that is a mixed breed. Dogs that are purebreds are only made up of one breed. Mutts are dogs that are a combination of two or more breeds. While it’s easy to tell which breeds some mutts are made up of, other dogs are so mixed that it’s difficult to figure out what breeds they come from. 

Benefits of Adopting a Mutt

Misconceptions about mutts / mixed breed dogs can cause people to avoid adopting them. However, adopting a mutt has some important benefits. Mutts tend to have a lower chance of being at risk for certain kinds of health problems that occur in specific breeds. Purebreds can have a high risk of respiratory problems, heart problems, joint problems or other health issues depending on their breed. Being a mixed breed helps reduce these risks and can even result in a longer life span. 

Mutts might also have an easier time adjusting to your home if you adopt one. Pure breeds can have certain behaviors bred into them, such as a strong urge to hunt or be fiercely protective. This can make it harder for purebred dogs to settle into a new home, and owners might end up dealing with behavioral issues. Mutts tend to be more flexible in terms of behavior, which can make them easier to live with and train. 

One of the biggest benefits of adopting a mixed breed dog is that you’re saving a life. Shelters are usually full of mutts compared to purebred dogs. In some cases, this can lead to overcrowding and a higher risk of having mutts end up in shelters that practice euthanasia. Adopting one of these dogs gives them a better chance at enjoying a happy, healthy life. 

Adopt a Mutt

If you’ve been thinking about getting a dog, consider adopting a mutt in honor of National Mutt Day. Check with shelters and rescue groups in your area to learn more about mixed breed dogs that are waiting for a good home.

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