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Adopt a Less-Adoptable Pet Week

The third week in September is known as Adopt a Less-Adoptable Pet Week. During this week, animal shelters and rescue groups raise awareness about the benefits of adopting pets that tend to get overlooked or passed over. If you’ve been thinking about getting a new dog or cat for your home, consider adopting one of these less-adoptable pets. 

Senior Pets

Senior pets are generally passed over in favor of younger pets at shelters. This is due to common misconceptions about adopting a senior pet, such as having to spend a lot on veterinary care for them or not being able to train them. Keep in mind that senior pets don’t necessarily have costly medical problems, especially if you make sure they go for routine check-ups, and they can be taught new commands. Senior pets make loving companions, and you don’t have to deal with some of the issues that puppies have, such as not being house trained or going through destructive chewing phases.

Special Needs Pets

Pets with special needs, such as a physical disability or a chronic illness, typically get overlooked in favor of pets that don’t have medical conditions or disabilities. Some people choose not to adopt special needs pets if they’re worried about having to spend a lot of time and effort caring for them or covering veterinary expenses. In some cases, though, pets with special needs don’t require a lot of specialized care at home or at the vet’s office. For example, a special needs pet might just need to take medication and see a vet every so often to check on their condition. If you’re willing and able to give a special needs dog or cat a home, you can count on having a loyal and loving pet.

Bully Breeds 

Pit bulls, pit bull mixes and other dogs that are considered “bully breeds” often end up spending a longer time in a shelter or with a rescue group than other dogs. People sometimes avoid adopting one of these dogs due to misconceptions about their temperament and behavior. Despite having a reputation for being aggressive or even dangerous, these breeds can be highly affectionate and gentle pets that appreciate having a good home. As with any pet you adopt, just make sure that you find one that suits your living situation, such as being good with other pets or children.

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