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One Fur All

Apple Cider Mini Candle

$ 3.49

One Fur All

Apple Cider Mini Candle

$ 3.49

Fragrance Description

Apple Cider is a refreshing and delicious blend of fresh apple juice mixed with just the right amount of cinnamon and clove.

Size: 1.5 oz

Specially formulated to freshen pet-loving homes

Made with an odor neutralizer

Infused with our signature blend of essential oils

100% natural soy wax


Dye-free wax

Contains no paraffin / petroleum by-products

Approximately 12 hours burn time

Made in the USA

Ideal for smaller spaces

Satisfaction guaranteed

Customer Reviews

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I like the smell but

I love the smell of the apple cider mini candles but they aren’t very strong. They seem to burn for a long time which I love. Just wish the smell would be a bit stronger. I also bought the wax melt and once again, I love the smell but they aren’t very strong and don’t last very long. I have 3 dogs that live in my house. I was not expecting the candles and wax to completely eliminate the dog odor but I wish it would be better than what it is

It really works!

I have 4 dogs. I love my girls, but not the smells they can generate! I've use several products over the years to help with pet odors, but the really just covered them up. I'm really kind of picky about what I use because of my own allergies and wanting something safe for my dogs. I found Pet House Candles by accident. In reading about One Fur All, I was thrilled to see they had the same ideal as myself. Safe, non toxic, and made in the USA. Then seeing they support non profit rescues I just had to order something!! You see, my girls are all rescues and as a professional trainer, I work with a rescue and their dogs often.
Rescue work isn't easy but when you have support from friends like One Fur All, it makes thing a little bit easier. I'm really looking forward to exploring the different scents and products!
Thank you David & Robert for such a great and mindful product!

Shauna Fackler
Professional Trainer and Pet Owner

Smells amazing!

I’ll definitely be ordering the full size in this.


Love I have almost every mini just to try them all awaiting one more shipment love this one :)

Makes the house so inviting!

These candles bring such a homey and welcoming fragrance to the house.



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